About me

A passion for developing new ideas and products.
Fascinated by User Experience and Service Design.
And graphic design is never final.

Design thinking workshops

Understand the problem, create solutions, prototype and test with real users. All without writing a single line of code. Reduce the risk now and try a Design Sprint for your new product or idea. Developed by Google and successfully executed worldwide. I facilitate your brainstorm sessions at your office or via remote Design Sprint sessions.

Freelance consultancy, training, UI/UX design

I am an experienced software manager with a customer focus, with more than 15 years of experience in building software SaaS products in all phases as a product manager & owner. Together with my graphic design background and experience in design thinking, UX research and UI/UX design, I can guide the complete process up to the final UI and design system.

My process, my work,
my passion

Take the time to get on the same page and agree on two things — what the final solution should do and look like, and why you should build this product or solution, which is even more important. Always start with a strategy document.

Jos is very analytical and a good listener. As a result, he always knows how to work towards the best possible solution from the customer’s point of view. Jos likes to take the lead and is constantly learning new skills. In that capacity, he was the ideal mentor for teams in the VIGC Hackathons.

Jos Steutelings

managing director VIGC