With my background as a teacher and graphic designer, I am now looking for lectureships to pass on my knowledge and experience. In my luggage: Design thinking, Google Design Sprints, UX research, extensive experience in ideation sessions, UI design with Adobe XD/Sketch/Figma, Adobe Creative Cloud, presentation techniques, project management, (remote) whiteboard collaboration (Miro)

overview courses

Adobe XD from beginner to expert
  • Design:
    Create and style artboards // Import content with Repeat Grid // Define interactivity // Reuse colors and character styles
  • Prototype:
    Wire artboards // Add Auto-Animate transitions // Component states // Use Drag gestures for transitions // Add overlays to simulate UI elements // Voice triggers and speech playback
  • Components:
    Create design components // Vary component instances // Nest and swap components // Publish a library // Browse a library 
  • Collaborate:
    Publish a prototype // Gather stakeholder feedback // Export your design // Review Design Specs // Cross-Product Integration // Stakeholder Review // Developer Handoff 
  • Design System:
    Cloud libraries // Managing assets // Components // Design notes

Adobe InDesign from beginner to expert
  • Get to know InDesign 
  • Create and lay out documents
  • Add content :
    Text // Typography // Format text // Review text // Add references // Styles // Tables // Interactivity // Graphics // Color // transparency  
  • Share:
    Share and collaborate // Share for Review // Review a shared InDesign document // Manage feedback  
  • Publish :
    Export and publish // Printing 
  • Extend InDesign:
    Automation // Plugin Easycatalog (only introduction) 
  • Advanced :
    Creative Cloud libraries // Working with Adobe InDesign Books // Advanced printing techniques // Automate document generation // Share & collaborate Adobe InDesign documents online
  • How to manage efficiently Adobe InDesign projects
  • Integrate InDesign with DAM & PIM systems and Adobe AEM

Easycatalog (plugin in Adobe InDesign)

Easycatalog is the industry standard for database publishing in Adobe InDesign

  • Getting started
  • Importing data
  • Field options
  • Data panels
  • Inserting data
  • Filtering data
  • Synchronising
  • Dynamic content
  • Automatic pagination :
    Into text flow // Master page pagination // Page guide positions // Template document 
  • Page headers
  • Formatting rules
  • Tabular data
  • Custom fields

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Courses for companies

These courses are intended for companies & employees who want to practice these topics in their job.

  • What is Design Thinking and how to deploy it in your company?
  • How to facilitate a Google Design Sprint?
  • Create engaging presentations in Apple Keynote or Adobe XD