ReInvent the Graphic Arts Industry

VIGC and EY organized a virtual Hackathon on Oct 12 and 13, 2020.

Your mission is to help shape the future of the graphics sector by creating digital and innovative solutions relevant to the graphic arts industry. While collaborating within your team and competing with other teams you will tackle the question ‘How to future proof our industry?’ 

Teams were created and committed to a challenging topic.

A diverse and dedicated team of experts and coaches assisted the teams during the process. After the hacking, each team presented their project to a mixed jury of experts. 

2 intense days of brainstorming with your team to deliver a (future) business concept.

With my solid background and years of experience in the graphic sector, this VIGC & EY event was an excellent opportunity to add value, share knowledge and ideas and extend my network.


I joined the group of MediaHuis and Groep Joos to generate ideas around the challenge: ‘New ways to produce and sell targeted ads’

Mediahuis is a large media company active in publishing, broadcast, and radio, creating and publishing adverts for local retailers but also large brands. 

Before COVID, a team of salespeople coordinated the complete process from briefing until the final acceptance from the customer. Usually by visiting the customers. With the lockdowns, Mediahuis was forced to operate this business 100% digital and remote.

But no existing solution was in place. Leading to considerable loss of advertising sales.

I used the Strategyzer Business Model Generation with value proposition design, and the double diamond Design Thinking methods to get a result in 2 days.


During the first online meeting with the team, we agreed I should take the lead in this design thinking process. We used following model:

  1. Strategy and Align scope
  2. Emphatize
  3. Ideate
  4. Prototype
  5. Usability test

During the first online meeting with the team, we agreed I should take the lead in this design thinking process. Session 1 focused on strategy.

Which resulted in our new product:

The customer journey

What about the technical framework and how to bring this to market?

We used Miro whiteboard and Teams sessions to ideate with team.
Adobe XD for the mockups, used for testing and feedback.


After 2 days of collaborating online, we handed in our result for the Hackathon jury:
• a short pitch movie
• a powerpoint presentation