How to start and get daily inspired.

A lot of open-source resources are available on the web to get you started. Here a few I highly recommend:

  1. Invision — design tips from experts in the field. Their blog is a great way to explore UX step-by-step.
  2. UX Collective — my all-around best design publication on Medium from design aficionados from around the globe.
  3. — if reading extensive design articles is not your style, check out this resource to get UX/UI tips in bite-sized portions.
  4. Nielsen Norman Group — for all things UX, from research to user testing.
  5. Interaction-design — UX Daily: Free Online Resource on UX Design by the Interaction Design Foundation, the biggest online design school globally.

Never underestimate the potential of free resources, as they can get you far as long as you commit to your learning. A daily 10 minutes read during you morning wake-up cappuccino is the best way to start your day.