— Case Studies. Client outcomes.

A selection of recent client projects.
Focussing on process and outcome.

2imagine Pulse

Automate creative marketing productions

Initiate a new idea, based on the solutions 2imagine already provides to retail marketing organizations.

After in-depth research with various stakeholders, customers and intern development team, a clearly defined POC was developed in a few agile sprints.
I used Adobe XD mock-ups to get user test feedback.

After 6 months, the new module 2imagine Pulse was released.


ReInvent the Graphic Arts Industry

VIGC and EY organised a virtual Hackathon on Oct 12 and 13, 2020, with following theme: help shape the future of the graphics sector by creating digital and innovative solutions relevant for the graphic arts industry.

We developed a new concept for MediaHuis: AdHouse.
I used the Strategyzer Business Model Generation with value proposition design, and the double diamond Design Thinking methods to get the result in 2 days.


Graphic communication enterprise of the future. How to future proof is the industry?

VIGC and EY organized their second edition virtual Hackathon on Oct 25 and 26, 2021.

The original footage is created and published. But these images can be easily manipulated. Our solution ‘imago veritas’ verifies if the image is fake or not. It is based on a globally recognized certificate / NFR token that builds trust and credibility. Technologies as AI learning, automatic image recognition, and analysis tools are used to identify image manipulations, similar images, and referenced sources.

2imagine Design System 21

Create a Design system for 2imagine Brand Portal & online editor in Adobe XD

The initial UI design was developed in Sketch. With the COVID lockdown, the full development process needed to be reviewed and adapted. Online co-creation and collaboration are key requirements.

The new 2imagine Design System is in Adobe XD. The additional advantage is Adobe XD reduces the need for multiple solutions when reviewing and handing off the final UI design.


UX process for product development

This case study shows all the steps in the UX design process used to develop a new digital service.

From (UX) research and ideation, up to a developed prototype for testing. This digital product was developed following the steps in Design Thinking, also known as the double diamond.
To define the MVP, we relied on the business analysis using the (Strategyzer) Business Value Proposition.

After the test sessions, Chimpra was developed and released.